The purpose of this classification is to process applications for permits, coordinate inspection activities for residential/commercial buildings, provide customer service, provide support for enforcement of town codes and provide technical support in all aspects of Planning and Zoning.

Provide technical support for Building Department operations to assure compliance with federal, state laws, zoning ordinances, and development order approvals. Process documentation pertaining to the issuance of building permits and/or the review of business uses for compliance with Town Code as a provided customer service.

The following duties are normal for this position. The omission of specific statements of the duties does not exclude them from the classification if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this classification. Other duties may be required and assigned.

Operates a computer to enter, retrieve, review or modify data; verifies accuracy of entered data and makes corrections; utilizes word OnBase, Adobe, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Word and Jupiter Community Development System (JCDS), geographical information system (GIS), imaging, e-mail, Internet, or other computer programs; performs basic maintenance of computer system and office equipment, replacing paper, or toner; coordinates service/repair activities as needed.

Processes, accepts, creates, construction permits. Archives and researches construction projects.

Reviews inspection documents, surveys, FEMA forms, or other documentation associated with issuance of Certificates of Occupancy. Conducts research of Town codes, various maps, aerial photographs, computer/hard-copy files, reference materials, or other resources.

Prepares and prints Certificates of Occupancy (CO) and Certificates of Completion (CC).

Maintain electronic file system of work activities and documentation of Building, Planning and Zoning, and review business uses for compliance with Town Code.

Ensure that activities involving retention of records, purging of records, and destruction of records are conducted in accordance with applicable for the county, state, and federal statutes.

Coordinates land file information to assist in keeping all GIS maps current.

Receives and processes permit applications, various forms, reports, correspondence, sign permits, special event permits, variance applications, special exception applications, special use permit applications, review business uses, beverage license applications, new development applications, revised plans, review comments, map requests, escrow account balances, site plans, engineering plans, architectural drawings, elevations, surveys, traffic studies, environmental studies, drainage statements, maps, zoning maps, land use maps, setback books, code amendments, codes, ordinances, regulations, comprehensive plan, policies, procedures, software user guides, manuals, reference materials, or other documentation; reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate and related documentation; completes permit checklists and log sheets to facilitate processing of applications.

Follows safety procedures and monitors work environment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals.

Answers incoming telephone calls; provides information and assistance; records/relays messages or directs calls to appropriate personnel; retrieves messages from voice mail; initiates and returns calls as necessary; maintains contact with inspectors or other field personnel via two-way radio, cell telephones.

Provides information and technical assistance to citizens, property owners, land developers, contractors, architects, appraisers, planners, Town staff members, or other individuals/agencies regarding planning/zoning issues, building permits, business uses, site plan reviews, procedures, forms, fees, or other issues; responds to routine questions or complaints; researches problems and initiates problem resolution.

Generates queries and publishes reports from Community Development Software (CDS).

Prints and distributes various computerized reports; stamps incoming documents and mail.

Prepares and scans documents and plans for imaging.

Logs distribution of plans to other departments or within the department.

Interprets/applies Town business registration requirements, state business registration statutes, processes business registration applications.

Maintains inventory of equipment, forms, and supplies; ensures availability of adequate materials to conduct work activities; initiates requests for new/replacement materials.

Processes incoming/outgoing mail; sorts, organizes, opens and/or distributes incoming mail; signs for incoming mail/packages and delivers to appropriate personnel.

Builds and maintains the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS) computer database; manages data in GIS system database; creates and updates zoning maps, land use maps, aerial maps, and custom maps; receives and processes requests for various maps.

Prepares and maintains information and presentation of the department’s web page.

Operates/utilizes a variety of equipment or tools associated with work activities, which may include a motor vehicle, computer, printer, scanner, plotter, light meter, copier, calculator, telephone, architectural/engineering scale, drafting instruments, or date stamper.

Communicates with supervisor, employees, other divisions, other departments, Town officials, property owners, developers, contractors, architects, consultants, the public, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems. Attends meetings and makes presentations as needed.


Performs general/clerical tasks, which may include word processing and spread sheets, copying standard and blueprint documents, sending/receiving faxes, emails and processing incoming/outgoing mail, receiving/signing for incoming deliveries, or delivering documentation to/from other departments.

Performs notarization of documents as needed.

Participates in hurricane preparation or hurricane recovery planning and activities as necessary.

Provides assistance or backup coverage to other employees or departments as needed.

Coordinates building applications, performance measures, damage assessment records, Pre and post disaster preparation.

Performs other related duties as required.

Performs general/clerical tasks, which may include answering telephone calls, selling maps/documents to the public, typing documents, copying standard documents and maps, sending/receiving faxes, retrieving files, filing documentation, or processing incoming/outgoing mail.


Prepares or updates various forms, zoning determination letters, staff reports, maps, graphics, or other documents.

Conducts meetings with developers, the public, or other individuals regarding planning/zoning issues; provides customer service at front counter, by telephone, or by mail.

Prepares and mails, zoning determination letters; prepares notification signage for planning/zoning; contacts applicants and distributes signs.

Interprets and applies Town codes, comprehensive plan, ordinances, regulations pertaining to zoning and development order approvals for issuance of building and sign permits.

Reviews and comments on applications for building permits, engineering plans, pertaining to zoning, special event permits, sign permits, business uses, beverage licenses, or other applications/documents for compliance with codes and ordinances pertaining to zoning, processes transfers of plans/permits; distributes and processes revised plans; distributes review comments received from other departments.

Conducts site reviews or field inspections in association with compliance reviews.

Creates various charts and graphs for inclusion in reports, presentations, or publications; manipulates digital images; take photographs using digital camera and scans photos into computer.

Maintains a comprehensive, current knowledge of applicable codes/ordinances; maintains an awareness of new technologies, trends or advances in the profession; reads professional literature; attends workshops and training sessions.

Calculates, collects and manages bond and escrow accounts. Processes invoices for ads and professional services associated with applications.

Coordinate with the Building Department, on an as needed basis, to provide assistance with research, questions on processing and status of building permit applications and the maintenance of the building permit files.


  • Associate degree in Urban & Regional Planning, Geographic Information Systems, or closely related field
  • Supplemented by two (2) years of previous experience and training involving building permitting, customer service, urban planning, local/state land use, zoning, site plan review, geographical information system operations, digital mapping, map design/interpretation, and personal computer operations
  • High School diploma supplemented by five (5) years of previous experience and training involving building permitting, customer service, urban planning, local/state land use, zoning, site plan review, geographical information system operations, digital mapping, map design/interpretation, and personal computer operations.
  • A valid Florida driver’s license is required . click apply for full job details