Ready to lead with innovation and drive? Our client seeks a dynamic Operations Manager to lead daily operations, prioritizing organization, process optimization, and cash flow management. The Operations Manager will take charge of a talented team, materials, and equipment, optimizing every aspect from operations to supply chain. Your mission? Elevate process documentation, ensuring top-notch customer service through continuous improvement.

As the Operations Manager you will

  • Lead by fostering team cohesion, recruiting, coaching, retaining, mentoring, training, and cultivating individual growth.

  • Manage operational and assembly inventory to maintain sufficient stock levels, meet customer safety commitments, and forecast future needs.

  • Evaluate supplier performance, taking corrective action to address potential issues that could disrupt order fulfillment.

  • Develop production planning strategies to accommodate both short-term demands and long-term goals.

  • Conduct on-site assessments to gauge production capacity, efficiency, and other essential business factors for customers and suppliers.

  • Assess proposals from potential suppliers, establish selection criteria, and negotiate terms for price, delivery, quality, and service.

  • Assist in negotiating sales and purchase agreements with customers and suppliers, ensuring adherence to fulfillment requirements.

  • Coordinate transportation logistics to ensure timely product delivery with exceptional customer service at optimal costs, including managing reverse logistics for returns and replacements.

  • Integrate electronic interfaces across operations, supply chain, and accounting systems to uphold Quality Standards compliance.

If you’re ready to drive operational excellence and make a real impact, apply now!