SLB is leading our industry into digital transformation. Our digital technology experts harness the full power of data to solve the domain’s biggest challenges. We leverage the elasticity and collaboration of the cloud, apply the efficiency of high-performance computing, tap into the connectivity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and create the industry’s most advanced data ecosystems. Data drives everything we do, and our teams are at the heart of each innovation, collaborating with interdisciplinary experts to shape our dynamic global industry.

With more than 90 technology centers worldwide, we have cultivated the industry’s most expansive innovation network. Our teams play a crucial role in this technology leadership, collaborating with the world’s brightest minds to solve challenges others deem impossible. With robust, dynamic training in emerging technologies and professional development, we support our teams at every stage of their SLB journey.

In our global centers from Silicon Valley, to Europe, to Asia, our experts apply the latest technologies in a creative environment where breakthroughs flourish. Our team’s solutions make a measurable impact, shaping operations in one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

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We are looking for highly skilled graduates in the following areas to join our team:

SLB Digital Jobs

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Back End Software Engineer

Data Analytics Engineer

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Desktop Software Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer

Front End Software Engineer

Full Stack Software Engineer

High-Performance Computing Engineer

IIoT Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

QA Automation Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Scientific Computing Engineer

Software Security Engineer

User Experience Designer