DEFINITION: Under the supervision of the Director assume responsibility for operations of organization and assure agreed upon delivery of support services.


Education: B.A. in Psychology or related field preferred or 4 years experience in the field of Developmental Disabilities.

Experience: 2 years direct support experience with people with behavior challenges, medical involvement or psychiatric diagnosis.

1 year experience coordinating services for people with developmental disabilities (QMRP, IPC, Community Service Coordinator) preferred, 1 year experience in a Supervisory position preferred.

Certifications: Must have and maintain current CPR/First Aid Certification and present upon hire.

Other: Must obtain the following certifications within the first 30 days of employment:

1. CPI (as applicable)


Must obtain the following within the first 90 days of employment:

1. 12 hours of Employee Development and Time management training.

Benefits (after 90 days of working 32+ hours a week)

  • Medical Insurance (100% paid by employer first tier)
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • 401k Plans
  • Discount Programs (discounted community activity tickets)
  • Free physician help line
  • Paid sick leave



  • Visit all customers and audit customer homes for all counties served: Napa, Solano, Sonoma
  • Manage and Supervise up to 40 employees depending on size of case load (as assigned by supervisor).
  • Are part of 24/7 on call rotation, expected to be available to customers and staff during week on call, respond and write reports within two-hour window.
  • Assure labor is managed in a way that meets budgetary guidelines and scheduling perimeters.
  • Pro- actively utilize constructive feedback, corrective action and corresponding documentation when developing Support Coaches and all team members
  • Assure IHSS is maximized and managed for each individual served
  • Assure Section 8 and all other social assistance such as food stamps, low income internet etc. is applied for and maintained
  • Train, Develop, Delegate and provide feedback to employees in a way that assures outcomes are met for individuals while also meeting company financial and philosophical objectives and exceeding Regional Center requirements.
  • Train Support Coaches
  • Assure that the individuals served are provided with assistance in all aspects of their daily living and that they receive supports in all areas needed to live a full active life of their choice.
  • In conjunction with the individual, assure implementation, documentation and follow through on all aspects of the IPP (Individual Program Plan) for people served.
  • Assure Supported Living Plans, Behavior Intervention Strategies and ISPs are in place and current for all individuals served and that accurate data is kept addressing those plans.
  • Assure Annual, Quarterly and ISP reports are submitted to Director and Regional Center for all individuals on caseload.
  • Assure Submission of Special Incident Reports in a timely fashion and in accordance to regional center requirements
  • Act as an advocate for people served.
  • Assure staff coverage is always present at the specified level of support
  • Act as primary liaison/consultant to individual’s team.
  • Assure that the human and civil rights of persons served are being respected at all times.
  • Review and prepare administrative reports and documents as necessary. Ensure that Coordinator report is turned monthly and weekly house audits are turned weekly on Monday’s.


  • Assist Director in development of Capitol and Operational Budgets
  • Assist in development of Strategic Plan
  • Train Support Coaches and ensure that documentation of training is submitted to HR in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for assuring that people served are happy with their services and receiving all provisions as agreed in their IPP
  • Responsible for on going Quality Audits (internal and external) and interviews. Closing the loop on all findings.
  • Responsible for carrying a phone and responding to calls within 5 minutes.
  • Assure thorough assessments are completed when challenging behaviors emerge.
  • Provide immediate on-site response in emergencies.
  • Communicate with Regional Center representatives, Parents/Guardians at a frequency desired by the respective individuals
  • Act as Support Coach when needed
  • Attend and participate in Individual Program Plan and interim meetings.
  • Develop curriculum and provide training to all staff to assure staff are
    knowledgeable in CPI, behavioral principle, behavioral policy and
    individual behavior strategies and other behavior related curriculum
    as needed.
  • In consultation with Director and Executive Director develop policies that address behavior intervention to assure that Lynn & Darla provides an environment where the least restrictive approaches are used in behavior management.
  • Review incident reports for trends and submit in monthly report to
  • Attend training and conferences to assure that Lynn & Darla acts as leader in the field
  • Attend all Regional Center audits/IHSS interviews to assure that auditors
    understand implementation of supports.
  • Assure that Support Coaches complete all duties as specified in the Support Coach job description.
  • Assure that Associate Coordinators complete all duties as specified in the Associate Coordinator job description.
  • Adhere to Injury & Illness Prevention Program.
  • Assume responsibility for all other duties as assigned by Director, Executive Director and CEO/Owner.