To inspire, lead, guide and direct every member of the administrative, instructional, and supportive services teams in setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services that supports students to achieve optimally, regardless of socioeconomic background, learning style, or disability. To oversee and administer the use of all school related facilities, property, and funds with to ensure that those resources are utilized in an appropriate manner.


  1. Serves in leadership role overseeing each of Hope Academy Schools, administering the development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to foster student achievement and meet the needs of the school community in conformance with Hope policies and applicable law.
  2. Assists Superintendent in advising the COO on the need for new or revised policies and ensures that all policies of implemented and followed.
  3. Handles emergency situations as necessary on any matter that requires immediate action or that is not covered by policies or school procedures.
  4. Leads school committees as necessary.
  5. With the superintendent, reports to the COO such matters as deemed material to the understanding and proper management of the schools.
  6. Supervises the carrying out of all rules, regulations, and policies of Hope and Illinois State Board of Education.
  7. Assists Superintendent in making all administrative decisions necessary to the proper function of the schools. Serves as Hope representative for IEP meetings when appropriate.
  8. Makes such rules and gives such instructions to school employees and students as may be necessary to implement policy.
  9. Assists in formulating school objectives, policies, plans, and programs; prepares (or causes to be prepared) and presents facts and explanations necessary to assist the COO in decision making.
  10. Works with our Continuous Quality Improvement department to conduct periodic audits of the school programs, and advises the COO on recommendations for the educational and programmatic advancement of the schools.
  11. In partnership with the Superintendent, recommends to the COO all courses of study, curriculum guides, and major changes in texts and time schedules to be used in the schools.
  12. Communicates directly to Superintendent personnel matters of all employees.
  13. Recommends employment of school administrators and recommends for dismissal of employees. Recommends final action the promotion, salary changes, demotion, or termination of employment of any employees.
  14. Supervises methods of teaching, supervision, and administration in effect in the schools.
  15. Assists in providing Principals with annual evaluation and feedback.
  16. Works with Superintendent and COO to prepare the annual budget for submission for approval.
  17. Works with Hope administration to open, close, or expand school facilities or programs as necessary. Establishes and maintains efficient procedures and effective controls for all expenditures of school funds in accordance with the adopted budget.
  18. Acts as purchasing agent and established procedures for the purchase of books, materials, and supplies.
  19. Provides suitable instructions and regulations to govern the use and care of school properties.
  20. With the Superintendent, recommends to the COO opportunities to expand and manages expansion. Makes recommendations with reference to the location and size of new school sites and of additions to existing sites; the location and size of new buildings on school sites; the plans for new school buildings; all appropriations for sites and buildings’ and improvement, alterations, and changes in the buildings and equipment of the district.
  21. With Principals, submits or causes to be submitted, all reports required by the federal and state laws.
  22. Develops and maintains positive relationships with administration of served districts. Represents Hope in its dealings with other school systems, institutions, agencies, and community organizations.
  23. Keeps informed of modern educational thought and practices by advances study, by visiting school systems elsewhere, by attending educational conferences, and by other appropriate means, and keeps the COO informed of trends in education.
  24. Works with Communications Department to maintains a program of public relations to keep the public well-informed of the activities and needs of the schools, establishing a cooperative working relationship between the schools and the community. Keeps the public informed about modern educational practices, educational trends, and the policies, and practices in the district’s schools.
  25. Assumes responsibility as a mandated reporter concerning incidents of alleged abuse and neglect of individuals served by Hope, as outlines in the agency’s policies and procedures.
  26. Performs all other duties as required or assigned.
  27. Work is performed primarily in an indoor office or classroom environment, free from extreme weather conditions.
  28. Work may include walking tours, close physical interactions and the requirement to drive.
  29. Does require frequent travel throughout the State of Illinois.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university in School Administration (Type 75).
  2. Learning Behavior Specialist (LBS-1)
  3. Extensive successful teaching experience, preferably in more than one grade level. Special Education preferred.
  4. State Certification as required for position.
  5. Extensive successful administration experience.
  6. Thorough knowledge of current trends in research and practices in public education.
  7. Demonstrated competence in leadership, management, interpersonal relations and communications.
  8. Ability to maintain and instill high standards of ethics and integrity.
  9. Knowledge of teaching methods, educational pedagogy and behavioral management methods successful in school environments at all levels.
  10. Knowledge of administration and supervision concepts.
  11. Knowledge of applicable federal and state laws regarding education, students, professional staff and other employees, etc.
  12. Ability to organize and coordinate work.
  13. Ability to develop and implement projects.
  14. Ability to prepare oral or written communications for distribution to the COO, employees, students and parents.
  15. Ability to organize multiple tasks and conflicting time constraints.
  16. Ability to ensure that responsible administrators address student disciplinary matters in an effective, consistent and fair manner in accordance with applicable law and ISBE policies.
  17. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others contacted in the course of work.
  18. Ability to engage in self-evaluation with regard to leadership, performance and professional growth.
  19. Ability to plan and implement professional development for administrators and teaching staff.
  20. Ability to anticipate and address problems that may arise in a resourceful and consistent manner.
  21. Ability to use computer network system and software applications as needed.


  1. Master’s plus 30 or Doctoral Degree preferred.


  1. $100,000-120,000 Annual Salary
  2. Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
  3. PTO, 11 federal holidays recognized
  4. 401(k) with match
  5. Tuition reimbursement

Compensation details: 00 Yearly Salary